We Came Back And I Hit The GAME WINNER! - Game Review

23 Th04, 2021
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I'm finally back with another game review! It's been a minute but can't wait to show you these crazy highlights!
2HYPE Vs Ball IS LIFE Basketball Game Review - SUPER CLOSE ENDING!
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Thanks to @MMG @Jiedel @ZackTTG @Jeffrey Bui and the rest of the crew for joining me in the video!
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  • Def do more of these

    DLOADINGDLOADING15 giờ trước

    DLOADINGDLOADING15 giờ trước
  • the first and second shots were identical

    RaizXxDripRaizXxDrip2 ngày trước
  • Remember jessers old run when he made a shot

    Jerimiah LopezJerimiah Lopez13 ngày trước
  • 9:01 "has anybody in 2hype gotten a score correctly?"

    GwbyGwby13 ngày trước
  • MMG plays with game speed on the highest setting and animations on 300%

    GwbyGwby13 ngày trước
  • Do a game review to Jeff’s 4v4! Cameramen vs 2Hype!

    Zander HayesZander Hayes15 ngày trước
  • First girl of 2hype here❤️ I finally appreciate how nice mmg is lol

    Robby RTGRobby RTG18 ngày trước
  • so the first 2 clips weren’t the same?😂

    plaz1kplaz1k19 ngày trước
  • anyone tell me the backstory of people saying efron the king of game winners

    Everett CrossEverett Cross19 ngày trước
  • play win by 2 next time

    IEndCareersIEndCareers19 ngày trước
  • Am I the only one that noticed the first two clips are the exact same and the score counted for each of them?

    DASHDASH19 ngày trước
  • zack looking lik igudala with hair

    Ondra SvojdaOndra Svojda19 ngày trước
  • the quote is what killed me 😂⚰️

    SWAG -_-SWAG -_-20 ngày trước
  • series idea:2hype leauge 1-jesse ,trav,mmg 2-aj lapray,jeff ,moochie 3-zack,james,efron 4-jhonny ,kenny ,kris

    A.M. ClassA.M. Class20 ngày trước
    • kris probably can't but i couldnt complete the team

      A.M. ClassA.M. Class20 ngày trước
  • best 2 series on youtube are the :who makes the best +game reviews

    A.M. ClassA.M. Class20 ngày trước
    • please we want them both back plzzzzzzzz

      A.M. ClassA.M. Class20 ngày trước
  • that got me hype at the end

    TankTank20 ngày trước
  • The score is wrong it was 6 to 7 near the beginning

    Mason NerrenMason Nerren20 ngày trước
  • They Always say movie's end happy, why trash CAN'T Jesser's videos can't also! That was a heck of a shot jesse! Great work out there!

    Joshua HaliburtonJoshua Haliburton20 ngày trước
  • Bro mmg needs to join 2hype

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  • You too goated

    Mats AmmermanMats Ammerman20 ngày trước
  • Jesse: 2hype always gets tha sore wrong. Jesse's later: right now it 10 to 7. Real score 10 to 6.

    Kellen CampbellKellen Campbell20 ngày trước
  • 🔥 content Jesse keep up the great work

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  • Subscribe to jesser

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    Bebekid.dr3Bebekid.dr320 ngày trước
  • Wait what game was this? I watched a different one on the live stream

    Big boy BigBig boy Big20 ngày trước
  • MMG is the black Michael Jordan

    Peter CariniPeter Carini20 ngày trước
  • Mans they didn’t even win the last one they added two

    Goldngaming44Goldngaming4420 ngày trước
  • So does Johnny work for 2Hype now? I’ve seen him in so many videos, but he never says anything. Who is Johnny!?

    Shooting Hoops With Noah SmithShooting Hoops With Noah Smith20 ngày trước
  • Can you bring back the Who has the best series and do who has the best Root beer float

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  • I want to see IMANAWANN and Jasser togather again !

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  • That boii jesser is a shooter shooter

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  • Do another stream but switch teams

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  • Them edits are 🔥

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  • You should react to TJass game videos maybe

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  • Congrats teammates who actually pass the ball

    Musa SheraziMusa Sherazi21 ngày trước
  • If we r honest these weren’t really well kept score games what I’m saying is mmgs team should’ve won every game

    Mr LegalessMr Legaless21 ngày trước
  • Need more of these 4v4s!! Love watching y’all hoop

    That Boy BrianThat Boy Brian21 ngày trước
  • Kids a decent player I'd say

    Freddy LandmanFreddy Landman21 ngày trước
  • 4:44 Mmg happy feet

    Jeet SinghJeet Singh21 ngày trước
  • Is it me or jesser and jiedel dribble and shoot stiff

    Jeet SinghJeet Singh21 ngày trước
  • Next jesser investment: scoreboard

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  • If mmg was in 2hype he would be the best

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  • Is Mmg in 2hype

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  • Let me fly out and play with yall! great content only!

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  • how tall is jesser?

    jevonte Piotrowskijevonte Piotrowski21 ngày trước
  • No one: Jesse when he makes a wide open lay “u see that lay, the flick”

    Jonny MaurerJonny Maurer21 ngày trước
  • Keep doing game reviews Jesser they are the best

    easton ellereaston eller21 ngày trước
  • I wish i could come play against you guys but i live in a whole different country

    Jayd PakiJayd Paki21 ngày trước
  • To be fair your team got 2 free points

    KingChayce 333KingChayce 33321 ngày trước
  • I’m still waiting on jesser to dunk in game

    QuackQuack21 ngày trước
  • They changed result for 10 times hahaahah

    lux0nlux0n21 ngày trước
  • So they won the third game but still lost because they never know the score😅

    Kalen HaworthKalen Haworth21 ngày trước
  • Is got my hyped ngl

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  • I would never unsubscribe

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  • I had a 🏀 tournament today and won both

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  • these videos are elite. can’t wait for the rec league games to come back

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  • MMG Is better than I thought ....!

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  • the mmg comments r soo funnyy

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  • Give life to Jesus Jesus Christ Christ lord

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  • Ya know yelling doesn't ur videos more intriguing right? Maybe to 9 and under

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  • We just gone ignore the fact that the first two points were the same clip?

    Scorpio.Scorpio.21 ngày trước
  • anyone else notice the first clip is played twice which made it 2-0 when it should be 1-0

    NoahNoah21 ngày trước
  • The way Jesser commentated the ending was so sick!

    Shiv PlaysShiv Plays21 ngày trước
  • Mmgs nickname should be white mike for Michael Jordan

    KraxqsKraxqs21 ngày trước
  • Why is jiedel better then the 🦖

    Adam AlferezAdam Alferez21 ngày trước
  • MMG fadeaway is unstoppable

    AJ LaprayAJ Lapray21 ngày trước
    • The goat dirk is his fav player so makes sense

      ReflexReflex13 ngày trước
    • Sup AJ

      LR JUKES 34LR JUKES 3419 ngày trước
    • MMG is lethal

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  • It’s my birthday day today can I get a happy birthday

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  • I just realized that I’ve been subscribed to 2 hype gaming since it was created, but it doesn’t even have any content 😆

    Nathan OakesNathan Oakes21 ngày trước
  • Did you really win tho??? Zack need to learn to count lol

    516 Deede516 Deede21 ngày trước
  • 4:05 Damn too much sus

    Elju Rafael MalilayElju Rafael Malilay21 ngày trước
  • Commentary was odee, good vid tho

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  • Ayo mmg can hoop 😂

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  • Score was SCUFFED

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  • Zack must love playing 4v4s, he invented them

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  • Damn Johnny kinda nice with it

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  • I dont care what anyone say. But these videos are goated! Jesser's awkward commenting is hilarious and makes it better. Also 2hype basketball is getting better every time.

    TeddyTeddy22 ngày trước
  • Mmg for new 2hype member

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